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Rose Pritzker-Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

"Kathya is brilliant at nailing down what needs to be done to get from point A to point B. She's organized, focused and creative in how she helps achieve whatever goal, and stays on point until it's achieved." - Read More ...

Claudia Mollo-Agape Splendor

"After my conversation with Kathya, I experienced a sense of relief and regained my confidence. Kathya developed a very clear path and created a process that turned my difficult tasks into realistic goals." - Read More ...

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A successful business is not a matter of luck…it’s STRATEGIC!

Everyone knows that strategy in business is important.  Yet when it comes time to putting strategy into practice, most people don’t know how. What does it mean to be strategic? Being strategic means getting clear on where you’re starting from and putting a plan in place to reach where you want to go.

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5 Profitable Businesses Leading With Their Purpose

There is a lot of buzz around having a purpose driven business, but what exactly does that mean and why does it matter? To some, businesses exists solely to make profits. To others, businesses should set out to add value and do some good. I’m here to tell you both are true. In fact, the natural …

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Wall Street “Granola” Stocks Girl

It all started on Wall Street. I would forever more be known as “The Granola Stocks Girl”. Great, just what I wanted, to start my career as the laughing stock of the office. I had just moved to NY after completing my MBA in Paris and was excited to embark on my new career at …

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