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I believe the most profitable businesses are purposeful businesses that consider people and the planet in the equation.


The Internet has made it possible for people to know about a company’s good and bad business practices in a matter of seconds.

It isn’t surprising that consumers are increasingly voting with their wallets and supporting brands they like and trust. It just makes sense.

Humans are naturally wired to feel good. And what makes us feel good?

Helping Others.

If we are given a choice between two companies with the same product, and we know one of them uses cheap labor and toxic materials while the other pays its employees fairly and protects our planet, we’ll choose the second one—every time. It’s how we’re designed.

Luckily building a business that doesn’t sacrifice profitability for purpose is easier than you think when you have an expert at your side.

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Working with Kathya is like a mayan hot chocolate, warm, spicy, cozy and a real treat. ”

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