I want to live in a world where eco-friendly and ethical businesses are the norm—not the exception.

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Hi! I’m Kathya. I'm a business strategist for eco-friendly and sustainable brand entrepreneurs like you who dream of living at the intersection of Impact and Income.

Can I tell you some good news?

Making a difference and making money are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, I believe that creating a company that considers people and the planet in the equation isn’t just good business—it’s a smart strategy.

I know, you’ve probably heard people tell you otherwise...

  • “Implementing environmentally friendly practices is too expensive.”
  • “Giving back in business is only for large corporations.”
  • “It’s easier to focus on money now. Later, I can turn my attention to making a difference.”
  • “I can only have profit or purpose, but not both.”

I understand completely because I used to think that way too. Let me tell you how I know that line of thought is setting you up for failure...

I got my start on Wall Street, using my MBA in Finance to manage investments for high net worth individuals. There, I discovered something surprising: socially responsible investments could actually outperform non-socially responsible ones. It’s human nature to be attracted to those businesses doing good and making a positive impact in the world.

I fell in love with the companies that cared about their impact on people and cared about the planet, even earning the nickname The Granola Stock Girl. My coworkers would make fun of me daily: “You’ll never make money selling virtue.

If you want to earn, you’ve got to start selling vice stocks instead.” Boy, were they wrong! (More on that later…)

People   -   Planet   -   Purpose   -   Profit

After the financial crisis, all the big name banks started to close, and everyone began getting laid off. Soon clients were calling in a panic wondering if their investments were safe. In fact I started to wonder if the information I was receiving internally and sharing with my clients was even true.

The reality of the situation forced me to re-examine my path. I knew I needed something with more integrity and without a back-up plan, I quit. In that moment, I made a promise to myself: that I was going to do something that I believed in, that I felt good about, and that I could get excited about again.

Luckily, on my free time I had worked closely to help someone open a 100% organic restaurant (way before it was the mainstream). After I quit he invited me to help him grow his business, and I became co-owner.

We were sustainable, using energy-efficient equipment, wind power, biodegradable supplies, organic flowers, soy ink—if it helped the planet, it was part of our business plan.

While everyone around us was closing, our sales were soaring. I knew in my heart that was because we stood for something.

Customers came in droves, bringing other people to share in what we had created, because they believed in what we did and it represented their world view.

The neighboring restaurants would ask, “Everyone else is closing. What are you doing differently?”

“This is what happens when you do something people believe in and love to support. It’s the future of business,” I said.

Without even trying, I began helping other green business entrepreneurs navigate profitability and purpose, growing their businesses in ways that felt good and bettered the planet. Now I’m blessed to do it on a bigger scale.

Purposeful businesses are more likely to earn customer loyalty, a good reputation, and more profits because:

  • They consider people and the planet in their business plan
  • They value transparency and have nothing to sweep under the rug (Very useful in the internet age!)
  • They stand for something when others don’t
  • They connect with people’s deep-seated desire to do good and feel good

In my fantasy future, the terms “socially responsible,” “green business,”  "ethical brands", and “socially conscious business” wouldn’t need to exist. All businesses would naturally be built this way.

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Kathya is brilliant at nailing down what needs to be done to get from point A to point B. She's organized, focused and creative in how she helps achieve whatever goal, and stays on point until it's achieved. She also finds a way to bring real heart and authenticity into the work, without compromising the bottom line. I owe my business success to her.

There's no one I'd trust more to start or run a business because not only is she incredibly experienced and capable, she's also deeply honest. Kathya is an incredible guide in determining how to balance the need to make money with a desire to do good in the world, and she's able to make the necessary steps very clear, understandable and doable.

Working with her is like a cup of Mayan hot chocolate: warm, spicy, cozy and a real treat!

- Rose P.
A Show of Hearts

I had a strategy session with Kathya and her questions were so on point that I felt more secure about my chosen business path after talking to her.

She had great ideas about marketing strategies and I was struck by her creativity. She was so dedicated and interested to hear every detail — It feels like all she wants is my success!

- Bente Nilssen
Froskwear Ethical Design Clothing for Tween Girls

Kathya has the skill to pull from a wealth of expertise that I did not know I had in order to paint a clear picture of what my goals and desires are for my business.

She does not invent ideas or put herself into the picture – she has the ability to help you see what it is you really want out of your business. Not only does she help you see who your ideal client is but also know what to say so they would best respond to what you want to offer them.

I highly recommend Kathya to everyone who wants to find clarity in their goals and learn the steps necessary to present and market their business to the world.

Also, she listens intently and happens to be one of the easiest people to talk to I have ever met!

- Deborah Pete Roettinger
Jhama Handloomed ethical fashion brand

Kathya's Official Bio

Kathya Bustamante is a business and marketing strategist for eco-friendly and ethical brands.

After receiving her MBA at the European School of Economics in Paris, Kathya began her career at Morgan Stanley in NY.  She quickly became known as the in-house expert on Socially Responsible Investments and Companies, and affectionately earned the nickname "Wall Street Granola Stocks Girl".

Her passion for businesses that put people, purpose and the planet first led her to become the co-owner of a 100% certified organic restaurant in New York City, forever igniting her mission to help other entrepreneurs build profitable, eco-friendly businesses that people and the planet will love.

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