Marketing ABC’s

I work with a lot of creatives and makers of product-based businesses who immediately start cringing at the mere mention of the word marketing.

Whenever I see that, I instantly want to reach through the computer screen and put my arm around them and assure them it’s not that bad.

But, I can’t.

Nothing I say can help. I need to show them that marketing can actually be easy and fun.

And even though our digital online world makes it seem as though you have to be a computer techie and salesy person to master your marketing, the reality is different.

At its core, marketing is the activity of getting customers by creating awareness and communicating the unique value of your products.

It’s as simple as learning your Marketing ABC’s:

  1. Make something that solves a problem or fulfills a need.
  2. Be consistent in delivering what was promised.
  3. Give your customers a story they want to tell about your brand.

If you can do all 3, you are a Marketer.

Don’t make marketing more difficult than it needs to be.

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