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Kathya is brilliant at nailing down what needs to be done to get from point A to point B. She's organized, focused and creative in how she helps achieve whatever goal, and stays on point until it's achieved. She also finds a way to bring real heart and authenticity into the work, without compromising the bottom line.

There's no one I'd trust more to start or run a business because not only is she incredibly experienced and capable, she's also deeply honest. Kathya is an incredible guide in determining how to balance the need to make money with a desire to do good in the world, and she's able to make the necessary steps very clear, understandable and doable.

Working with her is like a cup of Mayan hot chocolate: warm, spicy, cozy and a real treat!

- Rose Pritzker
Martha Beck Life Coach & A Show of Hearts Podcast

Before working with Kathya I honestly didn't understand what marketing was and how I could use it to grow my customer base. I also had many followers on social media but they weren't converting into sales because they didn't reflect my target customer.

Kathya helped me redefine my ideal customer so I could understand how to talk to him. I also learned that marketing is the story you tell surrounding your brand -- It gives your company and your product more depth.

Marketing can often feel overwhelming, especially for a small brand, but with Kathya it was simple because the tasks were divided into small steps.

When I started, I was very focused on just a product. Now I know that I’m not just selling clothes, but a whole way of life and aesthetic surrounding them. It was great having advice truly tailored to my company. Working with other people, I’m often asked to water down my aesthetic. With Kathya, I was encouraged to go deeper.

- Veronica Krafft
Wonda Kammer - Ethical & Eco-friendly Menswear

I had a strategy session with Kathya and her questions were so on point that I felt more secure about my chosen business path after talking to her.

She had great strategies and ideas about marketing and I was struck by her creativity. She is so dedicated and interested to hear every detail — It feels like all she wants is my success!

- Bente Nilssen
Froskwear Ethical Design Clothing for Tween Girls

I started an online business and encountered many stumbling blocks along the way that made it difficult to move forward on my own. I contacted Kathya and after our conversation, I experienced a sense of relief and regained my confidence.

Kathya developed a very clear path and created a step-by-step roadmap that turned my difficult tasks into realistic goals.

I always found marketing challenging, but after working with Kathya it became simple and easy to do. In fact, I actually enjoy it now and have no trouble coming up with creative ways to attract customers and sales.

- Claudia Mollo
Founder, Agape Splendor Jewelry

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I have been working with Kathya for a while now and I must say that I have learned a substantial amount about myself and my business that I was totally unaware of. She has the skill to pull from a wealth of experience and expertise that I did not know I had in order to paint a clear picture of what my goals and desires are for my business.

Kathya does not invent ideas or put herself into the picture – she has the ability to help you see what it is you really want out of your business. Not only does she help you see who your ideal client is but also know what to say so they would best respond to what you want to offer them.

I highly recommend Kathya to everyone who wants to find clarity in their goals and learn the steps necessary to present and market their business to the world.

Also, she listens intently and happens to be one of the easiest people to talk to I have ever met!

- Deborah Pete Roettinger
Jhama Handloomed ethical fashion brand

Since working with Kathya our organization improved fundraising by over 30%. In just a few months, Kathya helped crystallize a strategic way to run fundraising and marketing campaigns by focusing on the "compelling story" behind the need. In tandem, she brought clarity and a tangible understanding of the overall goal to the organization. She also brought a "big picture" strategic approach to our team.

I like Kathya's straightforward attitude and her persistence in keeping to the highest standards. I especially appreciate her humanity, integrity and brilliance of mind.

She is motivated and her strengths as a highly skilled communicator and marketing professional played to a successful outcome by helping our internal communications. As a result, we gained the full support for our programs goals throughout the entire organization.

- Barbara Brogan
Fundraising Manager, WOPG Non-Profit Foundation

Kathya is exceptionally intelligent, professional, pleasant and easy to work with – and really knows her stuff.

I can say the same about her as a human being for she is principled, idealistic, warm, honest, cultured and sophisticated. I respect – and like her – enormously. One could not ask for a more professional guide.

- Jonathan Brahams
New York Public Radio

If you have a chance to work with Kathya you will be very fortunate indeed! Kathya is intelligent, forthright, and professional both technically, and personally. Her ability to focus on a project with enthusiasm, clarity, and purpose is second to none.

Kathya is a producer, able to make difficult tasks seem easy, and challenging tasks seem simple. Highly Recommended!

- Stephen Weeks
Columnist & Author of Thoughts Are Things

Kathya helped me define and put flesh on my consumer.  She devised a specific game-plan to keep me get focused and to build my brand.  Working with Kathya was a pleasant experience.  She is personable and professional, takes the time to delve into and think about your brand, and then constructs a strategy - along with many valuable suggestions and insights.  I highly recommend Kathya to anyone with a start-up business.

Janice Trayes
Conneticut Country Clothing - Ethical Fashion

I talked to Kathya about business and marketing and ... I was impressed from the first to the very last minute of our conversation! Her strategic sense and marketing knowledge are all amazing. On top of this, Kathya is extremely approachable and lovely person! Thanks Kathya for making a difference in so many entrepreneurs' lives!

Marek Dyk
Help Business Consulting

Before working with Kathya, I was struggling to understand my ideal client and how to find them, and more precisely to describe my goals and find ways to achieve them. After working with her, I now know more about my potential clients, where to find them and what values we share. Kathya is a very good listener and is able to connect the dots which I couldn’t do myself. Each session was very uplifting and gave me lots of energy to work and encouraged me to do the things I thought I was not able to do. I am little bit sad that our sessions have ended, but I am thankful for the positive energy and motivation to take action. I am happy that I got this chance to work together.

Marta Kurzynska
Sth from Nth - Upcycle Designer

Kathya is fire! She brings the energy and pays close attention to detail. After working together, I feel really inspired to put our step-by-step plan into practice and feel relieved that the work from our original strategy has basically been cut in half. We now know what to do. Before, we were struggling with our marketing and feeling a little lost. Kathya helped us gain a clear focus and develop a strategy in a manageable way for a tiny team of two, wearing multiple hats.

Yanna Hanscomb
Tizz and Tonic - ethical underwear brand

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