When you value people, purpose, and planet, profits come naturally
Kathya Bustamante

If your business suddenly disappeared tomorrow,
what would the world miss out on?

Your business can make money and make a difference at the same time. That was your dream when you first came up with your inspired idea. But now you’re struggling to put the pieces together and in what order.

You want to help more people in bigger ways.

You want to start something that will leave the planet in a better place than you found it. You want to market yourself ethically and with integrity. And you want to pad your bank account in the process.

You’re not an ordinary entrepreneur. You’re a business owner fueled by impact AND income. And you’re ready to soar—strategically, of course.

  • No more guessing at your marketing.
  • No more wondering about your niche.
  • No more confusion over your prices.
  • No more stress over sales.
  • No more trying to grow with a shaky foundation.

Which program is right for you?

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Consider these 3 questions:

  • Why are you doing what you’re doing?
  • Who are you doing it for?
  • How does what you do make a dent in the world?

Once you know that, everything else becomes so much clearer. Your customers will be more loyal. Your profits will increase. You’ll feel more authentic. Things start to click together exactly where they were always meant to go.

It’s a win for people,
it’s a win for the planet,
and it’s a win for your profits.

Ready to thrive with a business you can feel good about?

VIP Marketing Plan Day

Imagine having a focused, uninterrupted day to build your bullet-proof marketing plan

Wish your marketing could feel as natural and organic as your products?

I know, right now it feels anything but.

It's scattered, inconsistent and just doesn't feel good.

You’ve tried it all, Instagram, SEO, FB Ads, paid courses, webinars, you name it, but still NADA.

Why isn't it working?

You need a plan. A simple and strategic marketing plan you'll ACTUALLY follow.

In VIP Marketing Plan Day, we'll work together to create your personalized plan so you can take consistent action and get more sales.


What's included in your VIP day:

  • 5-hour intensive (in person or video call)
  • 3-Month Personalized, Step-by-Step Marketing Plan
  • 1-Month of unlimited email access to answer questions as you implement your plan.
Yanna Hascomb

Kathya is fire! She brings the energy and pays close attention to detail. After working together, I feel really inspired to put our step-by-step plan into practice and feel relieved that the work from our original strategy has basically been cut in half. We now know exactly what to do.

Yanna Hascomb, Tizz & Tonic - Ethical Underwear Brand

Sustainable Success

6-months private coaching

You know you need a solid marketing strategy for your product biz but have no idea where to start?

My hunch is you're here because you're ready to get serious about marketing.

The problem is you feel overwhelmed with ideas and don't know what to do first.

You're stuck spinning your wheels and trying random marketing strategies that lead to little or no results.

You need the help of an expert to create a long-term strategy and a plan.

That's where I come in.

I'll help you build a personalized and strategic plan so you can FINALLY get consistent sales online.


No more:

  • Last minute social media posts that don't deliver results.
  • Procrastinating on your email marketing because you don't know what to say.
  • Wasting money on paid ads or freelancers who don't understand the true voice of your brand.

By the end of Sustainable Success you'll walk away with:

  • A Foundational Strategy that includes your USP, ideal buyer persona, mission, vision, company values and goals.
  • A Lead Magnet to start and grow your email list.
  • Email marketing sequences and automations tailored to your business.
  • A Website Audit and Assessment to optimize your site, increase traffic and improve conversions.
  • A Simple and Strategic 6-Month Marketing Plan with actionable steps so you can move forward with clarity.

Here's what you'll get...

  • (18) 1 hour private coaching calls with me (recorded)
  • BONUS: Initial 90-Minute Blueprint Strategy Intensive
  • Email Check-Ins and Access in between calls whenever you need extra support
Veronica Krafft

Marketing can often feel overwhelming, especially for a small brand, but with Kathya it was simple because the tasks were divided into small steps.

Veronica Krafft, Wondakammer, Ethical Menswear
Rose Pritzker

Kathya is brilliant at nailing down what needs to be done to get from point A to point B. Working with her is like a Mayan hot chocolate, warm, spicy, cozy and a real treat!

Rose Pritzker, A Show Of Hearts Podcast
Bente Nilssen

She had great strategies and ideas about marketing and I was struck by her creativity. She is so dedicated and interested to hear every detail - It feels all she wants is my success!

Bente Nilssen, Froskwear, Ethical Fashion for Tweens

Strategy Jumpstart

90-minute session

Feeling stuck and need a quick jumpstart to move toward your goals?

Are you ready to take massive action but are struggling to figure out the next steps?

Perhaps you're too close to the project to see it objectively.

You need the insight of an expert to help you clear the confusion and create a simple, strategic plan you'll actually FOLLOW.

Your Strategy Jumpstart Intensive Includes...

  • Pre-Session Assessment so we can dive in quickly and focus on the areas of your business that will generate the best results.
  • 90-Min 1:1 Strategy Session (recorded), where we’ll get clear on your vision and goals and identify the most effective path forward to consistent sales online.
  • A Personalized Action Plan with clear, simple steps that are easy to follow so that you can finally get the results you know are possible.
  • 1 Week of Unlimited Email Access to support you with any questions that may come up as you implement your tailor-made action plan.

Intensives are tailored to each person and need but previous topics have included:

  • Creating an email marketing and list building strategy from scratch.
  • Creating a content and visibility plan so you can consistently attract the right customers.
  • Clearly defining the foundational components of a successful business including your ideal buyer persona, messaging, USP (unique selling proposition) and more.
  • Website audit and assessment for site optimization and higher conversions.
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